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 WEIGHT LOSS by DESIGN Mindful Eating The practise of Mindfulness


Mindful Eating

The practise of Mindfulness seems to be a buzz word in the health industry currently.  Great interest is being shown on the positive effects on health of practising Mindfulness Meditation.  Studies show that a regular practise reduces episodes of depression, anxiety and helps with pain relief.  Mindfulness is also a great tool to use in losing weight.

Mindless eating is now the ‘norm’ for many people.  People eating ‘on the run’ and eating whilst watching tv.  Passengers on the train grazing away whilst reading the newspaper.  Mindfulness is about engaging with what we are doing whilst we are doing it.  Mindless eating results in larger quantities being consumed, therefore more calories and also takes us away from knowing if we are ‘full’, as we are not paying attention.

Many of our weight-loss clients eat in a mindless way, either snacking, pinching the children’s left-overs or eating on the run.  Often they believe that they have no will-power and will not be able to resist snacking.  Our approach of one step at a time is to say to them that they are not required yet to reduce the snacking. What we would like to suggest to them is that anytime they do have a snack, they must sit down and only eat.  No multi-tasking, no mindless eating.  They must eat slowly and eat mindfully.

We want them to get in touch with learning to recognise if they are hungry or satisfied and to learn to be aware of exactly what they are putting in their mouths.

Do give this a trial if you would like to make some changes in your eating habits and we would love to hear your experiences on our comments box.


Weight Loss by Design The dreaded ‘E’ word.

Weight Loss by Design

The dreaded ‘E’ word.

Hello, Margaret here.  Many of our clients who are starting out on our weight-loss programme are either reluctant to exercise or it may be that their mobility or size prohibits them from going to the gym or that they have no motivation to get their bodies moving. Of course they all know that exercise is a necessary component in burning fat off and losing weight.

If you feel that way, take things one step at a time.  Pedometers can be great tools for building up the number of steps taken in a day.  One client of ours was advised by his doctor that the gym was out of the question.  He was embarrassed by his size and didn’t wish to go swimming. Using a pedometer, he logged daily how many steps he was taking.  He went from just over 3 thousand per day at the start to over ten thousand in the matter of a few weeks.  He reported an elevated mood, a boost of motivation to really lose weight and keep it off this time and higher levels of self-confidence.

Every action that you take is another step, however small or insignificant it may appear to you.  At Weight Loss by Design, we encourage clients to be creative and find ways that they ‘can do’.  A plane going from London to New York does not go in a straight line it goes away and then back on track.

Building muscle via exercise is a great tool in weight loss as it will boost your metabolic rate.

An idea – take some time to brainstorm how you could start moving your body daily.  Would it be taking more trips up the stairs, sitting in the chair using a resistance band, getting a friend to go for a walk?

Do please share your successes with us and you may well spur others on too.

Best wishes from

Margaret @ Weight Loss by Desire

Weight Loss by Design

Welcome to our new blog page.  We are really excited to be able to share some tips with you on this page that we use in our ‘ Weight Loss by Design’  Programme.

The ‘Weight Loss by Design’ Programme began in response to the amount of clients we were seeing who were struggling to lose weight and wanted to feel better about themselves.  Many were yo-yo dieters who had lost confidence that they would ever successfully achieve their target weight and more importantly keep that excess weight off.

The consultants at ‘Weight Loss by Design’ are qualified in hypnotherapy, NLP, counselling and weight loss management with many years experience in helping clients achieve their desired goals.

Our programmes have been designed to adapt to individual needs and goals. The programme can be accessed by attending group meetings, individual one-to-one consultations and/or via telephone and Skype.

Did you know that in order to lose 1lb per week, you need to eat 500 calories less daily? So, how many calories are there in that last chocolate biscuit or packet of crisps that you ate?

There are many myths that exercise is difficult to gain access too or costs money or your valuable time.

For example did you know that to burn fat fast you need to increase your heart rate? How do you do this? Take the stairs instead of the lift, buy a skipping rope and use it or park your car as far as possible away from the supermarket.

We hope that this has started you thinking of ways that you too can achieve your weight loss goals.

We will be posting further hints, tips and ideas in the days to come.

Best wishes from the team.