Month: August 2015

Want to stand out from the crowd? You need Future Life Progression!

Wonderful article and your future self will definitely thank you 😊

Future Life Progression

Ever feel like you’re fighting for attention, want to be recognised for your efforts or need to feel heard as an individual rather than part of a herd?

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You need Future Life Progression!

Future Life Progressionis a unique and safe way to look ahead into your future for the purpose of finding out what next steps to take in your life NOW!

If you want career change, a new relationship or a complete metamorphosis of your life, this amazing technique will give you insights into what you need to start doing, stop doing or do differently to achieve that which you want!

No point in burring your head in the sand and hoping that things will ‘magically happen’ to ease your situation.  It’s time to stick your neck out and take action!

Your future self will thank you for it and the herd will be left standing as you…

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Brain Fog ~ Finding Your Way Out of the Clouds with Future Life Progression

Wonderful article about how FLP can help you to gain clarity

Future Life Progression

Our brains are amazing when we use them to their full capacity, but what happens when our thoughts become overwhelming and our thinking becomes foggy?

  • When was the last time you couldn’t think straight and your head was literally in a spin?
  • Remember a time of feeling hopeless around making decisions or perhaps have one to make right now?
  • How often do you find yourself caught up in the  ‘what’s if it goes wrong’ kind of thinking?
  • What is it that gives you sleepless nights churning over a million stories and outcomes?

Just recently I worked with someone who literally had so much going round in her head it was affecting her physically.  Sleepless nights, feeling sick, dizzy spells, anxiety, cold sweats and poor appetite.  If you’ve been there, feeling like this you will know it’s not a whole lot of fun.

Life has it’s way of throwing us…

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