Weight Loss by Design Ayurveda for Health

karenshirodharaDH000092 goaanhcDH000028Following on from my last blog I thought I’d post a few photos of the Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre in Goa where I studied Ayurveda. The people there were wonderful and my tutors very patient!

It was very hot in the practice rooms and it took me a little while to get the rhythm right when doing shirodhara. That hanging pot is made of neem wood which is filled with warm oil and poured in a steady stream onto the forehead with a sideways movement. It is a seriously relaxing massage and I defy anyone to be able to string a sentence together for at least half an hour afterwards. Bliss.

anhcdroniDH000041This is a typical massage bed or droni which is more comfortable than it looks and is more practical when using a lot of oils.

Obviously, for those who know me, I spent quite a bit of time shopping! I love Mapsa and the local market there where they sell wonderful herbs and spices. The smell is absolutely divine as they are so fresh and there is such a large choice, a little different from my locla supermarket!
and of course the range of cottons and silks in a rainbow of colours at silly prices is always very tempting. I hope you enjoyed some of my photos and next time I will give you some wonderful recipes using herbs and spices which will taste delicious and contribute towards a more healthy and energised life.

ps I am new to adding photos and not all arranged as artistically as I would like so I hope you will forgive me on this occasion. If anybody out there knows of an easy way to place photos and text I would be eternally grateful!

Warmest wishes to all, Karen


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